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Taste the Meals

You can enjoy food prepared by our chefs!

You can try meals prepared hot with same ingredients as meal-kit. Our chefs cook with same recipe steps as meal kit for you to enjoy delicious food at store. So you can taste the meals and you should be able to make food at home from meal-kit.

You can enjoy Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian and Vegan food .

Each meal serves 2 people and comes with rice

You have option to add fresh Indian Tandoori bread Naan

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Savor Store Specials Food

In addition to meals, store has specials that are available in store only.

You can enjoy our Frankie Roll or bowl with multiple options.

In addition to Chicken, we have Lamb and Shrimp options available in store.

We have traditional drinks like Lassi with regional and seasonal flavors for you to enjoy.

Indian food is not complete without desserts. We have traditional and exotic Indian desserts for you to indulge in.

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Dine-In, Takeout, Delivery Or Catering

You have multiple options to enjoy our fresh Indian delicious food

You can dine-in, take out or order delivery.You can order online, on phone or in store

Having get together, party or event, we do catering also

Have a feast - Enjoy Indian Delicious & Flavorful Food.

How It Works

Pick Your Meals

Choose from our versatile menu of chef-curated meals, designed to deliver authentic, customizable flavor to your home

Let Us Do The Work

Our team chops, peels, and marinates fresh ingredients so you can eliminate lengthy preparation and cleanup steps from your cooking experience

Pick Up Your Box

Your box contains all of the ingredients and instructions you'll need to create one-pan dinners for 2 people in just 15 minutes

Experience Flavors

Fresh Curry Chefs makes cooking fun, easy, and fast so you can focus on enjoying delicious food and spending more time with your family.

We make cooking Indian food easy!

Delicious food, consistent flavorSemi-prepared ingredients ensure taste and quality

Authentic dishesDelicious meals made with simple steps

Minimize kitchen timeSkip time-consuming prep and cleanup from your dinner routine

Complete meal experienceChoose from a menu of dinners, snacks, drinks and dessert options

Delicious meals starting at $5.49 per serving

No Subscription, No Commitment.

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