Fresh, Delicious & Healthy Meals

Food has to be fresh, tasty and flavorful to enjoy. It should not require chef skills to prepare delicious food and not take long to cook.

Meal kits will be semi-prepared and it will not take skills to prepare the restaurant style food.

Each recipe is created with authentic spices and taste. Meal kit will be portioned to cook consistent delicious food. Food is prepared with no preservatives and quality ingredients for healthy meals.

No Preparation required, all you need is one sauce pan to create fresh, delicious and healthy food at home in 15 minutes.

Our Manifesto

FreshCurryChefs will provide fresh, semi-prepared meal kits to allow you to cook flavorful dishes in 15 minutes or less! No more lengthy preparation or cleaning of dishes—all you need is a sauce pan to prepare chef-inspired, delicious food. It will also have variety of ready-to-eat snacks, drinks and mouth-watering desserts.

You will get deliciousness

  • Fresh Quality Ingredients
  • Talented chefs behind every meal
  • Bringing you authentic regional flavors
  • Each recipe is tested for taste and consistency
  • Each meal packed with quality
  • Easy-To-Follow Recipes