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  • Why FreshCurryChefs?
    FreshCurryChefs believes in Indian saying 'Enjoy delicious food, Life is Good' You enjoy food when it is fresh and delicious. Indian food has lot of ingredients and take long to cook the food. We do preparation work so that you follow easy recipe steps and cook delicious food in 15 minutes. You will need only saucepan to cook and no after meals cleaning.
  • Is there any Membership?
    There is no membership required to order. There is no weekly commitment, you order when you want. There is no minimum meals required to order, you order as much you need. You also have choice to add sides, snacks or desserts with entrée to make every meal feast.
  • Why do I need to create an account?
    You create account and track your orders. You can save your profile with preferences to make ordering easy. We don't share any information with third party,
  • Do I need to have Paypal account or credit card for payment?
    No, you don't Paypal account or credit card to pay for your order. We use Paypal gateway for order payment and you enter your payment information directly. You can use any credit card for payment without creating account. You have option to create Paypal account or use existing account for payment per your convenience.
  • How much do meals cost?
    Yes, we do have Vegan food Meals are very reasonably priced for you to cook fresh delicious food regularly at home They start from $5.49 per person per meal and each meal kit is packaged for 2 servings.
  • How do I order for this or next week?
    We bring you variety of Indian dishes for you to enjoy different flavours. We have popular dishes and few regional dishes for you to try each week. You select dishes from given week in one order. You can order for this week from 'Current Week' menu by end of day Thursday. You can also order this week from 'Next Week' menu for following week.
  • Do you have Vegan options?
    Yes, we do have Vegan food options Indian food has lot of Vegetarian and Vegan healthy options.
  • Do you have prepared food at Store?
    Yes, we have local store in Camarillo that serves prepared food along with meal-kits Local store is our tasting place where you can try our meals. Our Chefs prepare the food with same meal-kit ingredients and recipe. There are some store specials like Frankie Roll which is our Indian Burrito and more.
  • How much does delivery cost?
    Delivery fee is based on order value and free for order value above $100 Delivery fee is $5 for order value above $50 Delivery fee is $10 for order value less than $50
  • What makes FreshCurryChefs food so delicious?
    We semi-prepare all the ingredients fresh every week without preservatives. We portion and package them for easy steps. You follow recipe to make fresh food and control per your taste and preferences. This process helps you cook consistent delicious food.
  • What are cooking kits like?
    Our Meal kits has all the ingredients required to make delicious food. All ingredients are semi-prepared and portioned so it is fast and easy to cook fresh food. Ingredients are packaged individually for you to control per taste and preferences.
  • What is 'Order On-line' and 'Order from Store On-line'?
    Our store services local Camarillo area only. In addition to meal-kits, it serves prepared meals and store specials. Order Online services Camarillo and all Ventura county and delivers meal-kits only
  • What are Pickup or Delivery options?
    There is no built-in delivery cost in meal prices. You pay for delivery fee when you use it. We offer pickup option to save on delivery cost, you pickup from convenient location when it works for you. We also deliver to your location for your convenience.
  • Is this site secure for my credit card?
    Yes, you can order safely and pay securely. We don't capture or store any payment information and use financial gateway to process your payments directly.
  • Where and when do you deliver?
    Where and when do you deliver answer here
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