How it works

Indian Cooking made easy

From our kitchen to your table

  • Our Chefs perfect the recipe and source Quality Ingredients

  • You choose and order the Meal with Pickup or Delivery option

  • We semi-cook to reduce the preparation time

  • You pickup or we deliver depending on option selected

  • You prepare delicious food with simple steps in short time

Pickup Or Delivery

You can choose Pickup or Delivery per your convenience

Pickup Option

There will be multiple options to make it convenient for you to pickup

You can pickup from Pickup store or locations near you

There will be Delivery routes and you can pickup on the route

Please check the Pickup locations & routes and Days & Times

Delivery Option

We will have delivery days and times to reduce the cost

Delivery will be $10 for orders less than $50
$5 for orders over $50 & less than $100
Free delivery for orders over $100

Please check the Delivery Days & Times