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Do I need to pay for membership fee or subscribe to service?

There is no registration or membership fee and you don't need to susbcribe.

You order when you want and there is no weekly subscription.

Why do I need to register to Order?

You regsiter to setup your profile.

  • You save your address for future deliveries
  • You select default pickup location 
  • You can see orders placed and history

Is there any minimum number of meals I need to order?

Order as much or as little as you want, as often as you want.

Our meals are good for 4-5 days while refrigerated. You can order one or more meals and prepare when you want.

How do I place an order?

  • You select the week for which you want to pickup or delivered.
  • Select the items to order from menu for the week.
  • On checkout, you select pickup or delivery option
  • Pay online and submit order

What is Pickup & Delivery option?

You have pickup or delivery options.

  • Pickup is free and you can pickup at location near you. Some pickup locations are store and others are convenient pickup locations. Plesae check day and time for your preferred pickup location.
  • Delivery is also available that is free over $100 order or above, $10 for order over $50 and $20 for orders les than $50 

What is Fresh Curry Chefs Meal-Kit?

Meal-kit is the package with all the ingredients required to meal at home.

  • All ingredients are cut & portioned for meals for two
  • Some of the ingredients are semi-cooked to reduce the cooking time
  • Sauces and spices required are packed
  • You just need sauce pan and follow easy steps to make delicious meal in 15 minutes 

Why Fresh Curry Chefs Meal-Kit?

  • Fresh Curry Chefs meal-kits are semi-prepared meal kits so you don't need to spend any preparation time
  • You just need sauce pan so you don't have to spend cleaning many dishes
  • You can control oil, cream and spices to your taste and preferences
  • You follow easy recipe steps so that you can make delicious food consistently

Why do I need to order from given week menu only?

Our menu changes every week . Each week will have some popular dishes and new dishes with regional flavors of India.

Is it safe to Order online through website?

Yes, you can order online through website safely. We process credit card payments through PayPal and don't store any credit card information.

Do I need to through PayPal or use my credit card?

You don't need to have PayPal credit card or account to order. We use PayPal to process any creditcard payment.

  • You can select Debit/Credit Card option without PayPal account
  • You can use PayPal account if you have one

Other Support Options

(805) 384 - 8066

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